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About the final paper for degree

Well, it seems I ‘m back in track. Yesterday I had a meeting about the paper and which parts should be contained in it. Funny thing, returning home after the meeting, I was trying for hours to find a single piece of code. I couldn’t find anything. Today, I searched again and I found a lead on where the code is and later found the latter piece of it. It seems that the code of the project is about 41308 lines (possibly not all files are mine :p ). I was impressed to say the truth. I saw the project tree and I couldn’t remember what I had done.
I am trying now to figure out what works and what not. I discover classes that I wrote and it seems so tidy and clean but wow, it works!
I hope that I ‘ll be able to create its manual in a week…

Rethymno Meshnet

Cjdns implements an encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing. This provides near-zero-configuration networking, and prevents many of the security and scalability issues that plague existing networks.

Rethymno Meshnet is a project for connecting the relatively small city of Rethymno, Crete, Greece all together or at least provide some places to connect to the network.

In order to go into more detail you have to connect to Hyperboria and then visit

To connect, download one of the following:

For Windows you can download and install cjdns installer
cjdns-installer-0.7-proto17 for Windows

To install in Fedora you can type at terminal

sudo dnf install cjdns cjdns-tools

For more details in ways of installing, compiling etc you can visit to see cjdns’ source code.

You can connect with Rethymno Meshnet by adding the node in the connectTo: section of your cjdroute.conf file.

"": {
    "login": "default-login",